The RecordingsAdvice we gave each other, reviewed

Diving into the foundations of their friendship, Josefine and Claire reflect on advice that they have given to one another in the form of voice recordings, sent each morning and night over an apocalyptical year.

Eying each other up over large beakers of white wine and a boy-best-forgotten, Claire and Josefine began a friendship marked by no holds barred honesty and cemented by unexpected proximity – their homes overlooked the same Birmingham canal. Then came the pandemic.

Facing immunocompromised health (Josefine) and border uncertainty (Claire), they correspondingly returned to their family’s homes in Denmark and Australia.

Their voice recordings begin on the first plane journey, one offering encouraging words for the other to arrive to, ending with ‘keep to yourself, I have heard there is a nasty flu around’.

From there, given the challenges in speaking in real time due to time differences, Josefine and Claire recorded at least one message every single day for the other to wake up to.

This podcast sees them reflect on their recordings, asking each other the questions:

‘Why did you ask for that advice?’

‘Why did you give that advice?’

‘Would you still give me the same advice?’

‘What advice did you want to hear?’


The outcomes are moving, cynical and exposing. They critique and contradict themselves, discuss the dimensions of grief and celebrate an extraordinary friendship.

Podcast coming soon.